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30th anniversary of Glasfaser Flugzeug-Service located in Grabenstetten

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary located in Grabenstetten it was a great pleasure to welcome friends, companions, favorors, buisness partners, fly buddies and our staff including their families. On 21st November 2015 they came from the United States, Canada, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and from all over Germany to celebrate this anniversary with us.
One of the highlights of the day was the opening of a small „Glasflügel gallery“. The idea of a meeting place within a „historical“ environment arose a couple of months before when we were forced to renovate the adjoining building due to a grave water damage. The result is a small museum displaying exhibits and technical documents as well as a meeting area.

Special thanks go to all helping hands, consultants and decorators as well as our staff. Since anniversaries like this stand and fall with the catering, we made a good catch by choosing Hahn Catering.

It was a day of encounters and interesting talks and company directors of several aircraft manufacturers, constructors, suppliers, consultants, former employees and many friends were present.


The senior partner warmly welcomed the guests with a brief review and outlook and opened the museum which displays the history of Glasflügel as well as the transition into Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH in 1982. He highly appreciated his family without whom those development wouldn’t be possible. Finally, he wished all guests a great and interesting time in Grabenstetten.

Following the banquet, all guests were able to have a look at the company premises or ask detailed questions. After enjoying coffee and cake the day slowly got to its end since some of our guests had a long way home and the first snow started to fall.

We are sure, our guests enjoyed this day as well as we did. Once again, we want to thank all our guests for their attendence, the lovely gifts and this successful day. Thanks a lot!

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