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dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Service around glider and motor glider
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Service around the airplane
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Customized construction
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) CAD / CAM / CNC

Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH
Hansjörg Streifeneder
Hofener Weg 61
D-72582 Grabenstetten
FON +49 (0)7382 / 1032   
FAX +49 (0)7382 / 1629
Approval according to
EASA  PART 21   DE.21G.0080
EASA PART 145  DE.CAO.0060

For the preparation of drawings, surfaces and milling programs we use the most modern CAD/CAM software as well as hyperMill for generating the milling program. Combined with the simulation software, this program offers highest processing safety and best quality. Profile processing is carried out with special programs which were developed especially for our purposes by engineers and scientists from aerospace technology.

We are able to process the following CAD formats:·
  • DXF ·
  • DWG ·
  • Inventor-Dateien (iam, idw, ide, ipt, ipn) ·
  • think design (e3, e2, ghd)·
  • IGES·
  • VDA·
  • STEP·
  • SAT·
  • Pro/Engineer (prt, asm) ·
  • CatiaV4 (after prior consultation)·
  • CatiaV5 (after prior consultation)

Others on request.

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CNC Technique

Our new manufacturing techniques for composite aircraft molds and other products benefit significantly in time and cost savings as well as in quality.

With this technique we have already produced many molds such as for wind channel models, gliders, motor aircrafts, small scale models, car bodies and parts for the large airplane industry. Thus, glider manufacturers enjoy significantly more flexibility in developing new prototypes. Mainly, we use polyurethane and epoxy resin model plates for the production of positive and negative molds. Complicated parts for controls and fittings made of aluminium or steel too can be manufactured with high precision. So almost all complex outlines can be manufactured with our mould controlling technique.

For parts which exceed the maximum size of our machine, we have developed special methods which enable us to manufacture molds of the length of 31 meters or larger (see ETA molds).

List of references
  • Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
  • Airbus Toulouse
  • MAN Technologie Ausgburg
  • Fischer und Entwicklungen / Landshut
  • Aquila techn. Entwicklungen GmbH
  • DG-Flugzeugbau GmbH
  • Schempp-Hirth Segelflugzeugbau
  • Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau
  • Rolladen-Schneider
  • DLR Braunschweig
  • DLR Berlin
  • DLR Stuttgart
  • Steinbeis Transferzentrum für Aerodynamik und Leichtbau Stuttgart
  • Windkraftanlagenhersteller
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