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dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Service around glider and motor glider
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Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH
Hansjörg Streifeneder
Hofener Weg 61
D-72582 Grabenstetten
FON +49 (0)7382 / 1032   
FAX +49 (0)7382 / 1629

Approval according to
EASA  PART 21   DE.21G.0080
EASA PART 145  DE.CAO.0060

Airplane Service
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Repaired Extra 300L after landing damage
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Leather interior combined with seat heating for PA18

Next to our glider and motor glider services since 2001 we offer numerous services for airplanes in fiber-reinforced plastic, wood and composite construction with the maximum weight of 2000kg/4400lbs.

Our services include small maintenance works such as the 50 hour maintenance check or oil change as well as large repairs and extensive restoration works. Our well-equipped factory enables us to carry out all airframe repair works.


In particular, we are specialized in airplanes of Piper J3c, PA18 and PA25 series.In the course of restoring and repairing two PA18 we had a lot of new ideas and thus were able to implement quiete some innovations we are pleased to offer to our clients now. The restored PA18-135 D-ELBL has been awarded as the nicest Super Cub at the international Piper meeting in 2005 and 2007.

In cooperation with a local saddler business we are also able to revamp the interior of your airplane. Special cloth or leather seat covers and sidewall panels as well as Nextel interior space varnishing would pose no problem. Also unusual wishes we always try to realize.